Accounting and tax accounting

Cursor-Audit provides services for setting up and centralized accounting in accordance with Accounting Standards or IFRS, as well as tax accounting for enterprises of any type. Today it becomes profitable to concentrate in the staff of companies only specialized personnel engaged in its direct activities. So, for example, the function of the accounting department is non-core and does not generate direct income.

Transferring accounting and tax accounting to our company is profitable, since it will be cheaper than keeping an accountant on staff. This is reliable, since the control of the work performed is carried out by specialists who have access to the latest information on changes in legislation.

Our company has an accounting methodology board. The purpose of his activities is to create such an accounting system that most fully reflects the essence of the enterprise and does not require reorganization for a long time.

If you are an Accountant with extensive experience and vast knowledge base, we invite you to  cooperate. Your age or your computer skills is not important for us - your experience is important to us!

Contact us in any way convenient for you if you want to discuss the details.